Latest Page Update: 31st October 2020 (Product launch!)

Hello, welcome to my new page with my latest piece of SID Soundchip related hardware:

  8580 SID Adapter.

I've a very long background in developing interfaces using the SID soundchip from the Commodore 64, first with an interface for the SAM Coupe computer way back in 2003 and most recently a module for the RC2014 DIY Z80 based computer system. It's such a great soundchip and as chiptune audiophiles we appreciate the audio differences between the 6581 and 8580 variants of the wonderous SID soundchip!

Due to different power and filter requirements the 6581 and 8580 the SIDs aren't interchangable so I've developed this adapter board to allow a 8580 SID to plug into anything that was designed for the 6581 type. While not only applicable for the SID Interfaces I've produced myself, this adapter is designed to work in any other computer or interface to allow the 8580 to be used where a 6581 was originally, for example you could now use the 8580 in your 6581 based Commodore 64.

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As outlined above, this adapter allows you to connect the 8580 SID into devices designed for the 6581.

The adapter contains the circuitry for the exact requirements of the 8580, converting the 12V supply for the 6581 to 9V for the 8580, has the correct filter capacitors for the 8580. Plus also adds extra capacitance to the POTX and POTY paddle inputs as per the notes on Commodore's schematics for the C64.

The adapter has turned pins on the underside allowing it simply to plug into the chip socket in your device where the 6581 is fitted. Your 8580 SID soundchip is then plugged into the socket on the adapter. (If your 6581 is directly soldered to the circuit board you would have to desolder it and fit a turned pin IC socket in it's place for this adapter to then plug into.)

The adapter measures 37mm x 41mm in size, however the Quazar logo panel can be snapped/cut off taking the size down to 23 x 41mm. (It's handy for me to hold when building the adapters!). The board overhangs the right side of the original chip socket on the host device by 5mm, the full stack of adapter + 8580 SID comes to a height of 15mm above the socket on the host device. Please note I do not have any original Commodore 64 / 64C computers to check the spacing / height clearance for fitting it inside of them.

The 8580 SID Adapter is available now, costing £14.99, plus shipping.
Please note this is for the adapter module only, no 8580 SID soundchip is included.

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In this demonstration I'm using my SID Soundchip Interface designed for the RC2014 ( which is configured for the 6581 SID type, using my new 8580 SID Soundchip Adapter to allow the use of the 8580. This interface is then connected to a SAM Coupe computer via my RC2014 Bus Interface and using SID playback software on the SAM. The audio goes through my prototype audio OLED display and then into an X-mini speaker.

The 8580 SID Adapter fitted to my SID Interface for the SAM Coupe computer. (

The 8580 SID Adapter fitted to my SID Interface for the RC2014 DIY computer. (